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You have probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the big term commonly used by tech guys and online marketers. A website just like a newly opened shop needs to be promoted so that people are aware of its existence and location. To promote your website you need hooks that attract people to it. The process of creating hooks is what we call search engine optimization.

Although SEO involves a lot of technical processes, one simple way to optimize your website is to write a blog at least once a week. Google and other search engines look for fresh and new content all the time. A blog that provides VALUE to your audience is a sure way of introducing freshness to your website.

When you write the blog, make sure you add tags to it. Tags are one to four words describing what your blog is all about. For instance my tags for this blog will be “Blogging”, “Website Optimization”, “Optimizing My Website” etc.  The tags are your hooks and you can add as many as possible.

Finally you need to make the blog as short as possible. If it’s long, it should take the reader a maximum of five minutes to go through it.

Go start on your blog now! And remember to add me on your mailing list.