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“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes”. This quote from Hugh Prather relates to what we are seeing today. The past week events only show the need for a shift in the way companies, governments and even individuals operate. Just days after reports of malpractice appeared on social media, CHASE BANK was put under receivership tarnishing the lives of many Kenyans in the process.

The same week saw the Prime Minister of Iceland stepping down after protests over the Panama Papers revelations. The many scandals witnessed every single day in all corners of the world confirm that we are living in different times. The world is becoming more TRANSPARENT than ever before. I believe this is just the beginning and more is to come. Thanks to the internet, SECRETS and UNDER THE CARPET DEALS are being brought to light. Just like Noah’s time when floods cleaned up the old society and prepared people to a new society, in our time; the INTERNET is cleaning the old system and forcing people to adapt to the new system of doing things.

In this new system, in this new society, virtues such us honesty, integrity, authenticity and transparency are not just mere words; they are the difference between survival and extinction. It’s upon individuals, the corporate world and governments to willingly change how they do things otherwise they will be forced to change.



TRUST is one of the essential ingredients to build a great relationship. In business, trust is a major factor in the buying decision making process. If you think of it, we buy things trusting that they will satisfy our immediate needs. We also seek services of people or businesses that have interests as much as our own.

The business of now and of the future is grounded on TRUST. The success of your business will be determined on how you scale TRUST. Luckily enough we can achieve this with speed and for much less. The internet with its social platforms provides us with great leverage to scale TRUST. Building trust online calls us to find a way of revealing our humanity so that we can connect with someone and have that personal touch.

Instead of misusing the social platforms with too much sales, why don’t businesses use social to build on trust by focusing more on the core principles and customer loyalty. Consistently promoting your service or product shows where your interests are. Likewise focusing on the customer needs shows where your interests are.

Let’s scale on trust for long term profits.



You have probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the big term commonly used by tech guys and online marketers. A website just like a newly opened shop needs to be promoted so that people are aware of its existence and location. To promote your website you need hooks that attract people to it. The process of creating hooks is what we call search engine optimization.

Although SEO involves a lot of technical processes, one simple way to optimize your website is to write a blog at least once a week. Google and other search engines look for fresh and new content all the time. A blog that provides VALUE to your audience is a sure way of introducing freshness to your website.

When you write the blog, make sure you add tags to it. Tags are one to four words describing what your blog is all about. For instance my tags for this blog will be “Blogging”, “Website Optimization”, “Optimizing My Website” etc.  The tags are your hooks and you can add as many as possible.

Finally you need to make the blog as short as possible. If it’s long, it should take the reader a maximum of five minutes to go through it.

Go start on your blog now! And remember to add me on your mailing list.


Email Marketing: How you can increase your email open rate

Of all the emails you send out only 25% are opened and read. The rest are either ignored, blacklisted or they end up in the spam folder. So how can you make sure more recipients are opening your emails?

The first thing you need to avoid is risky words such as “buy”, “promotion”, “offers” etc. The one thing I have learned throughout my career is people do not want to be sold stuff. Sending an email with these words to people who don’t know you or your business will only result them in blacklisting or ignoring your email. You need first to create rapport before you sell anything on email.

Secondly, you need to give as much context of your email as possible on the subject area. The subject area is the point of contact between you and the email recipient. Make the subject rich so that the recipient can see the VALUE in opening your email.

Thirdly the “FROM” name should be your personal name and not your company’s. People will respond more to people than they would to entities. If you factor the above in your next email campaign, you will be assured of 40 – 50% open rate and that is well above average.