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Email Marketing: How you can increase your email open rate

Of all the emails you send out only 25% are opened and read. The rest are either ignored, blacklisted or they end up in the spam folder. So how can you make sure more recipients are opening your emails?

The first thing you need to avoid is risky words such as “buy”, “promotion”, “offers” etc. The one thing I have learned throughout my career is people do not want to be sold stuff. Sending an email with these words to people who don’t know you or your business will only result them in blacklisting or ignoring your email. You need first to create rapport before you sell anything on email.

Secondly, you need to give as much context of your email as possible on the subject area. The subject area is the point of contact between you and the email recipient. Make the subject rich so that the recipient can see the VALUE in opening your email.

Thirdly the “FROM” name should be your personal name and not your company’s. People will respond more to people than they would to entities. If you factor the above in your next email campaign, you will be assured of 40 – 50% open rate and that is well above average.