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Currency as we know it is that which makes us able to transact. If you want to buy a new phone, all you need is the amount of money equivalent to the cost of that phone. Many years ago people used to transact by trading stuff. Whatever you had was your currency and whatever the other party had was his currency. Today we are still using money to transact but money is no longer the main currency.

A lot has changed over the last two decades. The customer/client has gained an upper hand. He now has more choices. His decisions are not solely based on cost or pricing. He cares about what others think of your product/service or your business. The scales have tilted to his advantage. It is now hard to get new clients; it is even harder to retain your core clients. For your business to continue growing, you need to woo your audience in a different way. You need to use the new form of currency. And the new currency is VALUE.

When you provide value freely, you are giving your audience something even before they think of buying anything from you. Through this you create a special bond with them because you did not ask them to buy, you gave first. When you do this, your audience will stay with you for the longest time and they will influence others to come to you and each day will be profitable to you.


A relationship based on money does not last for long. A relationship based on value outlives the people running it.