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Safeguard your online identity or you loose it

What is in a name? Everyone under the sun recognizes himself or herself by name. Am pretty sure you did not leave the maternity room without a name given to you. It is unfortunate that we all had no choice in the names we were given and most of us have come to accept them as our own.  However, do we really have 100% ownership in our names?

Twenty years ago before the internet boom, you could claim ownership of your set of names, unless you are one of the unlucky who have common names. Back then, you did not even have to worry of being confused for another person.  Fast forward 2016, you need to be really worried. The internet came with a new dynamic, where we now lead two lives, online and offline.

Many people do not have control of their names online. There is a high risk of someone gaining ownership of your name and using it for malice, blackmail and a lot of harmful and bad things. The possibility of someone owning your online name is high partly because there is no proof required to show ownership during name reservation. This is a situation you would not want to be in. It’s time you reserved your internet name.

In the foreseeable future, a child will not be named until the name chosen is available on the internet and reserved. This is the future we are heading into my friends.