Kenya Search Engine Optimization

Kenya Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lepoa is a Kenya Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency that specializes in optimizing your website for organic traffic from Google’s search engine.

Getting new customers isn’t a challenge for your business, creating a predictable system to get new customers is the Challenge. For many businesses, advertising has been the first option in attracting new customers which in itself is very expensive and is prone to attract the wrong customer base. You may opt to hire a marketing employee who you will agree with us can be expensive.

We believe in a third option: the most powerful salesperson in the world – your website. Did you know that 70% of search engine browsers click on non-paid (organic) listings instead of the ads at the top of the page? Lepoa also assists clients with website development, content creation, social media management, email marketing, and marketing consultancy.

Take Your Website to the Top of Google's Page!

Your customers are searching for products or services like yours on Google. If you are not featuring at the top of the results, your competition definitely is. They are getting the leads that would rather have come to you.

Search Engine Optimization gets your business to the top of Googles Page. In just a few months, your service/product or business will appear on the first page of Google thereby attracting the right customer base.

Incognizant to the marketing trends of the near future, we have set our eyes on VOICE SEO. Google projects by mid-2020, 50% of all web searches will be done through voice search. Users will increasingly use voice search to gain information which will make optimizing your website for voice a necessity.

At Lepoa, we have now included voice search engine optimization as part of our overall SEO marketing efforts. This means that you will get the best of both worlds when you sign up for our services.

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