Nairobi Seo Services

Nairobi SEO Services

Do you want to be found on Google? Have you been looking for Nairobi SEO services? Lepoa helps businesses like yours to rank on the first page of Google. We are the top Search Engine Optimization Agency in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi is the capital and commercial hub of Kenya. The city is growing at a very fast and has been rated as one of top cities in Africa with ease of doing business.

This growth has brought stiff competition among businesses thus the need for new ways of marketing and reaching a new audience. We believe you would want to have a competitive advantage over your industry peers and the reason why you are looking for Seo Services in Nairobi.

Like every other business, we believe you would want a scenario where your website gains visibility and gets you new customers.

Our goal at Lepoa is to assist you in optimizing your website and ranking it on the first page of Google and other search engines so that you can gain the much-needed visibility.

We consider your website to be the most powerful salesperson in the world simply because it’s available round the clock and accessible to a global audience.


The primary reason why you would want to optimize your website is to gain new customers.

Wherever you go in Nairobi, you will witness stiff competition among local businesses. The competitive environment in Nairobi now requires businesses to find new ways of marketing and reaching a new audience.

Over the past few months if not years, there has been a decrease in people visiting brick and mortar businesses to shop for goods or services.

This downward trend has been brought about by high use of smart phones which now allow people to shop and make purchases online at the comfort of their homes/offices.

Most searches are done on Google – the leading search engine in the world. Woe unto you if your website is not on the first page.

Recent studies have shown that people will click on the first five results displayed after a search is done.

It is therefore very important that your website is ranked on the first page of Google and more preferably among the first five results.

At Lepoa, we believe SEO is the best form of sales and marketing ever developed and this is why.

People don’t want to be sold anything. They just want to buy. They want to fill that they made the decision to buy on their own and were not coerced to do so.

With a highly optimized website, you give your prospective buyer the opportunity to find you. Once they find you and understand your product or service offering, they will initiate the buying process by getting in touch with your sales department or making a purchase in the case of eCommerce businesses.


From the above insight, we have seen why it is extremely important for your business to be found on Google and other search engines.

Before we get to the how, let us state some few facts.

There are two ways to conduct an SEO marketing campaign. One is through Paid Ads on Google and the other is through Organic SEO (non-paid).

At Lepoa, we specialize in both marketing campaigns and opt for one or the other based on the client’s needs, urgency of the campaign, budget considerations among other factors.

For instance, if you are running a promotion that will last for three months and below, we would suggest running paid Ads.

However, if you want to grow your business over the long term, we would advise you to implement an organic SEO campaign.

It is worthy to note that over 70% of search engine browsers click on organic (non-paid) results instead of the ads at the top of the page.

This takes us back to the point we made about people and their disdain to be sold anything. Adverts wherever you see them have a reputation of the push effect and most people are sensitive to them.

That said, we believe the best SEO marketing strategy is organic but only for those businesses seeking to grow over the long term (6 months and above).

Now let’s get back to how we shall get you on the first page of Google.

For starters, we are making the assumption that you have a website already running. If you don’t, we can help you develop a responsive intuitive website. Please see our website development service for more details.

After establishing your website is in place, we shall embark on an audit to find out where you rank based on your industry keywords.

Keywords are phrases that people use to find products or services online. An example of such phrases would be ‘insurance agency in Nairobi’ or ‘laptop repair in Nairobi’.

From the audit, we shall present to you the likely keywords to optimize for your business.

These keywords will help us in the next stage which is content development, on page search engine optimization and link building.

Lepoa’s approach to Search Engine Optimization may vary depending on the type of business you are in. However, we shall get you on the first page by creating high quality and relevant content, updating your content regularly, creating click-worthy tags, focusing on website speed and having link worthy content.


We are well aware that you can’t wait to see your business rank on the first page of Google. We also can’t wait to make this happen.

The duration depends on the competitiveness of the keywords we want to rank you for.

In our experience in this business, the hardest keyword we have ever ranked took us a period of 12 months with the easiest a period of three months.

However, for most businesses, it takes between 6 and 8 months to rank on the first page.


The cost depends mainly on the competitiveness of the keywords used in your niche market.

This is because keywords with more competition takes more time and much more production work than keywords with low difficulty.

Once we conduct an audit of your website, we shall be able to come up with an actual cost.

The total cost will be computed from the duration it will take for the hardest keyword to rank on the first page of Google.



You are now convinced on the entire process and would want us to assist you. All we need to do is have a contract based on the audit we shall have conducted.

Once we put ink on to paper, we shall commence an aggressive SEO campaign to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Get Started with an SEO AUDIT.


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